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Connected – saving a place for you

Connected – saving a place for you

This program connects the chronically hospitalized children to their classrooms in the community with the help of advanced technological means. It thus enables the children to maintain pedagogic educational and social continuity during their hospitalization period.


Preserving social ties

The chronically hospitalized children are present in the lessons and daily life of their school in the community. SASA Setton, in collaboration with the school in the community and the school in the educational center, arrive at their classrooms in the community, explain to their fellow students where their friends are, and receive the cooperation of the fellow students and their parents. The key word is continuity.


Learning continues as usual!

The chronically hospitalized children continue studying with their classrooms in the community. Their learning routine continues on a daily basis. Using a laptop and a tablet, the children control a camera and choose what they want to see at any given time: the blackboard, the teacher or their fellow students.


Collaboration among the schools

The staff at the school in the community and the staff at the school in the hospital collaborate, and the ties between the two intensify. The school in the community takes responsibility also when the student is hospitalized.