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Who we are

SASA Setton is a social-educational organization that leads education for hospitalized children in Israel 

SASA Setton:

  • Preserves learning continuity
  • Integrates advanced learning technologies
  • Extends the school day for the benefit of hospitalized children

Whenever a child is hospitalized, we are there

SASA Setton’s mission is to ensure that hospitalization is not a barrier to the societal and educational advancement of children

We strive for excellence by utilizing up-to-date, advanced programs for the benefit of hospitalized children. We provide each boy and girl with a tailored curriculum and experiential means that will ensure that medical treatment won’t come at the expense of education.

The SASA Setton organization was established by Philippe (Z”l) and Hilda Setton in 2009. Philippe and Hilda Setton, Founders and Honorary Co-Presidents of SASA Setton Israel, led the efforts to provide education to hospitalized children in Israel. Thanks to SASA Setton, hundreds of thousands of children have been able to return confidently to their schools after being medically discharged. Each year, we are privileged to help these brave children to smile, learn and heal. The Foundation initiates, develops and provides advanced educational services to some 140,000 hospitalized children, and operates within the framework of the ‘Free Education for Sick Children Law’ passed in – 2001.

The opportunity to service hospitalized children is made possible by virtue of the Foundation’s partners in the Ministry of Education’s Special Education Division, local authorities, and through various businesses and donors from the private sector.

SASA Setton operates in 41 hospitals in Israel