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SASA Setton’s schools

SASA Setton extends the school day at 41 hospitals in Israel:

  1. General hospitals
  2. Psychiatric hospitals and departments
  3. Rehabilitation and complex nursing hospitals


Children are hospitalized 24 hours a day 

SASA Setton enables hospitalized children to extend their daily activity by offering adapted educational programs beyond the Ministry of Education’s standard hours.

National Service volunteers operating on behalf of SASA Setton extend the daily activity by delivering diverse enrichment programs that support the healing process and help the children resume their normal routine.

Each year, about 140,000 children extend their daily activity through the “Afternoon School”

The “Afternoon School” is a framework that extends the daily activities at general hospitals. It enables the children, their parents and siblings to enjoy supportive educational activity up to the evening hours: robotics, 3D, Makers, theater and digital art are but some of the diverse lessons and enrichment programs delivered to the children.

Additionally, on SASA Setton’s dedicated website, the children can do exercises and enhance their knowledge in all the subjects.

The “Afternoon School” combines some 3,000 educational programs that were developed in collaboration with professional educators, and are delivered at 41 hospitals throughout Israel. 

Each year, some 5,000 children rediscover themselves in the “School for Life” at psychiatric hospitals and departments

Building the children’s inner strength, their belief in themselves and their capabilities, are the reasons behind the “School for Life” initiative. We believe in learning and experiencing that focus on healing. Children who feel better with themselves can devote their resources to pedagogic learning and to normative lives, to the life of a child.  Thanks to our experienced and professional educational teams and our tailored programs, these children experience moments of empowerment, which create and amplify their motivation and desire to resume their normative lives.

The “School for Life” operates in 8 psychiatric hospitals and 10 psychiatric departments in general hospitals. Here, about 5,000 children rediscover themselves each year. They receive personalized, supportive attention aimed at empowering them. The “School for Life” extends the daily activity in the hospitals and psychiatric departments, and helps the children acquire 21st century skills, as well as educational skills and social competencies that develop life skills, empower the children and enhance their sense of capability. Supporting these skills and competencies helps the children resume a healthier and safer routine.

Each year, some 2,000 children study at the “School of Light”

SASA Setton, in collaboration with professional educational and medical teams, has initiated the school for rehabilitation and complex nursing, which operates at 8 hospitals. 

Each year, about 2,000 children take part in this program, which provides sensorial stimulation and encourages communication.

The 1,000 different activities contribute to the empowerment and development of children in varying complex situations.