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Philippe Setton Z”L


SASA Setton Israel is saddened by the passing of Mr. Philippe Setton. Philippe and his wife Hilda founded and served as the organization’s Honorary Co-Presidents. Philippe is survived by his beloved wife and life partner, Hilda Setton. The funeral was held on the 15th of October 2020 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Philippe and Hilda served as Honorary Co-Presidents of SASA Setton Israel for over a decade, leading the efforts to provide education to hospitalized children in Israel. Through their work, Philippe and Hilda have, and continue to make extraordinary contributions to the lives of hundreds of thousands of hospitalized children across 40 hospitals in Israel. The challenge they tackle every day is to help each and every hospitalized child access the support they need to overcome their illness, maintain their academic studies and reduce the mental health challenges associated with increased time in hospital.

To ensure these children’s continued studies, Philippe and Hilda’s efforts found their expression in the building of programs and support frameworks in 40 educational institutions and 40 hospitals across Israel.

Over the course of his life, Philippe was involved in many noble causes but considered the role as Founder and Honorary Co-President of SASA Setton Israel as his true passion and calling. May his memory be a blessing.

Robert Singer, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors: “We are deeply saddened by the passing of Philippe Setton, who together with his wife Hilda dedicated himself to the needs of hundreds of thousands of hospitalized children in Israel. We cherish his vast contribution to SASA Setton Israel and will honor his legacy by continuing his work.”

Sonia Gomes de Mesquita, Deputy Director of the Board and the Donor Family’s Representative: “This is a very sad day for us all. SASA Setton Israel was Philippe and Hilda’s joint life project that has brought good to those who need it most. Philippe, you will remain in my heart forever and I extend my condolences to dear Hilda.”

SASA Setton was established in Israel in 2009 by Philippe and Hilda Setton and is the leading organization providing education to hospitalized children. Thanks to the efforts of the organization, thousands of children are able to seamlessly return to the education system following their rehabilitation, feeling calm and confident in themselves. Each year, SASA Setton Israel has the privilege of seeing children smile, learn and recuperate in a nurturing environment.

The organization initiates, develops and provides educational programming for 120,000 hospitalized children each year in cooperation with the Ministry of Education under the Free Education Act for Sick Children (2001). As part of SASA Setton Israel’s activities, a number of initiatives have been launched such as, “Afternoon School” in 24 hospitals, “The School for Life” in 9 mental health hospitals and “The School of Light” in 7 rehabilitation centres.


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