ברוכים הבאים

אנא הכניסו פרטיכם לכניסה

The Children Air Ambassadors

Today (Monday) “SASA Setton” organization, in cooperation with “El Al” Airlines and The Center For Jewish Impact, delivered emergency aid that contained hundreds of boxes of basic and essential medicines and consumer products to refugee families from Ukraine who have fled for their lives to Romania


Sonia Gomes de Mesquita, the Donor Family’s Representative

Today (Monday), following the outbreak of war in Ukraine, “SASA Setton” organization in cooperation with “El Al” Airlines and The Center For Jewish Impact, delivered emergency aid in the form of hundreds of boxes containing medicine and basic consumer goods to thousands of mothers and their children. The contents of the boxes were chosen in coordination with heads of the Jewish community in the country.

The aid will be transported in the coming week via three “El Al” flights, with a total of over 2.1 tons of basic consumer goods. The unique operation will be conducted in cooperation with EL AL passengers who will become aid ambassadors. At the boarding gate, passengers will be offered to take a part in the assistance and to deliver the packages when landing in Romania to a representative of the “SASA Setton” organization and the Jewish community that will wait for them at the airport.

The Shipments will include: medicine baskets, baby and children foods and essential hygiene products. The medicine basket was assembled with the recommendations of Prof. Matti Berkovich, a pediatrician at Shamir Hospital, and a Board member of “SASA Setton”. All the goods were donated by Hilda Setton, founder of “SASA Setton”, and were shipped by regular airline flights.


At the same time, this week “SASA Setton”, and The Center For Jewish Impact, will deliver a ton of essential consumer goods to thousands of mothers and their children who escaped the war and traveled to the city. Furthermore, this week the organization donated tens of thousands of shekels directly to the community in order to buy additional products, to help them during this difficult time.

“SASA Setton” is a social organization that develops and provides advanced educational services to tens of thousands of children hospitalized throughout Israel. The organization operates a network of professional instructors and national service volunteers for the benefit of enriching and extending the school day at 41 schools operating in Israel.


Robert Singer, Chairman of the Center For Jewish Impact: “Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the Center For Jewish Impact has been following all that is happening in the country and is working in humanitarian ways to help the innocent citizens who have been forced into this complex and challenging reality. In the upcoming weeks, we will continue to assist the thousands of refugees in every possible way, all in order to ensure their safety. “

Sonia Gomes de Mesquita, the Donor Family’s Representative of “SASA Setton” organization: The “SASA Setton” organization works throughout the year to brighten the faces of thousands of children hospitalized in the hospitals and improve their medical condition. It is not inconceivable that this activity will cross borders and help the thousands of Ukrainian children who have been suddenly displaced from their homes. We will do our best to help those children who need us the most. We would like to thank “El Al” Airlines for its cooperation and rapid mobilization to provide assistance to children. I’m sending our prayers and thoughts to all of the people of Ukraine and hope for their well-being. “