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Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

We place great importance on making the website accessible to the general public, including individuals with disabilities, to enable seamless, clear, and smooth navigation between website components. Currently, the website is undergoing the accessibility process



Despite our best efforts to ensure optimal accessibility of the website, you may encounter accessibility issues. If you come across any problem that hinders your comfortable browsing experience, please feel free to contact us directly. We will personally assist you while navigating the website and provide you with the information you were unable to read or understand on the site


Accessibility officer within the organization

Accessibility officer: Gal Bar-Col

Phone number: 03-7553399

Email: gal@sasasetton.org.il


Physical Accessibility Arrangements in the Organization's Offices

The organization's offices are accessible and include an elevator and parking facilities. There is an easily accessible and spacious entrance to the building, as well as disability services on the office floor and in various locations within the building


Accessibility Statement Update Date

June 8, 2023